Centrifuge Tubes

-Made of USP Class VI Polypropylene in GMP 100,000 grade clean room. 

-Labmarker centrifuge tubes are applicable in molecular biology as disposable laboratory consumables which are manufactured from high transparency polypropylene. Two types of volumes are available to meet your needs: 15 ml, and 50 ml. A ring molded on inner surface of cap make an excellent seal to prevent leak of liquid. Marking area is printed in white to make tube easy for identification. 

-Clearly graduation in black on the surface is helpful for users to calibrate. Preferably, 3 ml graduation molded on conical bottom improves the accuracy of centrifuge tube.

-The range of temperature tube can bear is from -800 to 1200 . In the centrifuge machine, tube spins in the speed of 20,000 r/min. 

-Maximum RCF (Reactive Centrifugal Force) is 10,000 g. All Labmarker centrifuge tubes are packaged in zip bags with sterilization, 

-RNase-free, DNase-free and Non-pyrogenic.

-Gamma Sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6 


Centrifuge Tubes Brochure